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Are you prepared to reach new heights in your athletic endeavors? The JSCEP Course Bundle With Jordan Strength is the only resource you need!

The download link for “The JSCEP Course Bundle By Jordan Strength” will be sent to you within one to twelve hours after your purchase. With the aid of this extensive course package, you will be able to optimize your physical capabilities by understanding the principles of muscular strength and power.

This course will assist you in establishing a baseline profile to evaluate your mechanical muscle function, with an emphasis on movement competency and musculoskeletal (MSK) examinations. You’ll discover how to assess between-limb force-time asymmetries using twin force plate devices, which will help you comprehend your body’s capabilities on a deeper level.

In addition, you will explore the realm of R programming language and formulate a scientific methodology for sports performance. Develop your knowledge of energy systems, hypertrophy, fast force development (RFD), strength, and power programming. Learn the tricks of the Main Adaptation Cycle for periodization and planning that work, and how to time your return to sports following an injury.

Four in-depth courses are included in the JSCEP Course Bundle by Jordan Strength:

Course 1: Evaluating Performance and Asymmetries
Course 2: Periodization and Program Design
Course 3: Eccentric Training Science
Course 4: Thinking Like a Scientist and R for Strength Coaches
Enrolling in this package will provide you access to a plethora of useful information and strategies that can completely change the way you think about sports performance. This course package is your ticket to reaching new heights in sports, regardless of your level of experience or desire to improve.

Don’t pass up this chance to work with Jordan Strength and reach your full sporting potential. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure toward better sports performance and expertise!



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