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Are you prepared to advance your virtual storefront? Monica Froese is here to lead you through the ultimate e-comm journey, so fasten your seatbelt. This curriculum will be completely revamped in March 2024 and will include 14 brand-new courses. It is your best bet for success in e-commerce. Prepare to jump into three jam-packed stages that will make you feel like an expert navigating the world of digital retail.

Phase 1: Get Ready to Open Your Store Let’s start by creating a fantastic three-month e-comm strategy tailored to your company. Gain insightful knowledge about price concerns and master the process of auditing and adapting your material for e-comm listings. Monica will reveal the key marketing initiatives that ensure your clients have the best possible sales experience. And don’t forget about using Shopify bundles and shop credit to increase sales, as well as designing a customized e-comm marketing schedule. Explore the techniques for creating a successful affiliate program as well for those delicious referral sales. Please buckle up as we explore the confusing realm of Google Shop, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Search Console.

Phase 2: Construct an Adorable Storefront Now is the moment to create an absolutely captivating shop! With her insider knowledge of branding strategies, Monica can give your store a polished appearance. Discover how to create user-friendly navigation and meticulously plan out the buying process for your customers. Learn how to write product listings that are incredibly effective at converting customers and how to automate flash sales to add a little something extra. Oh, and there’s more: we’ll teach you how to use the greatest applications to increase your customers’ average order values and how to craft the ideal welcome offer to close sales. Are you prepared to use client endorsements to increase sales? We have everything covered!

Phase 3: Information, Scheduling, and Long-Term Planning Prepare yourself to master back-end operations and turn your shop into a well-oiled machine. Learn how to generate insightful reports, leverage data to inform strategic choices, and create marketing calendars that work for you and your target audience. Monica will show you how to use automation to carry out a marketing calendar and handle annoying issues with store marketing campaigns like a pro.

Oh my! The Digital Shop Experience with Monica Froese is an incredible journey filled with insightful knowledge, practical tactics, and loads of fun. So, why do you hesitate? Together, let’s take action and realize your e-commerce goals! ✨



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