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Greetings, I’m Sarah, and I have an incredible tale to share with you. Imagine that more than ten years ago, I was toiling away at my work in the corporate world. I was over the stress and tiredness! At that point, I made the decision to begin my side gig as a virtual assistant. I’ll give you a #confessionbomb: I did some free labor for my very first customer. Yes, you heard correctly.

I had this ridiculous notion that before I could begin charging for my services, I needed to acquire “experience.” To be sure, I had three solid years of corporate experience under my belt, an MBA, and a successful landscaping firm under my belt. And yet here I was, doing unpaid labor.

My clientele expanded over time, but I increasingly found myself to be the guy to contact for anything. My personal life suffered because I had to juggle many duties and be on call all the time. Family getaways? Ignore it. Some alone time? Not present. It was an endless circle.

After going through this insanity for years, I snapped. I came to see that my lack of confidence was preventing me from leaving my corporate position, facing out against toxic clients, and genuinely appreciating my contributions.

I didn’t have mentors or a strong support system to help me get through the insanity back then. I spent much too much time trying to find out the techniques and procedures that would help me launch a lucrative profession as an online business manager. Nevertheless, you don’t have to experience the same overload that I experienced.

That’s the reason I established OBM School. Aspiring OBMs may learn how to use their abilities to create a business they are passionate about in this environment. Additionally, you’ll be able to rely on the amazing OBM community for help. We have every system and procedure you require to set up, implement, and manage a successful OBM company right now.

So, if you’re prepared to make the change, sign up for OBM School’s Accelerator program. It’s time to establish yourself in the realm of internet commerce.



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